Understand More About The Guitar Strings

It is obvious that when we learn to play the guitar, we will have to attune the strings and learn about the strings on the grounds that the strings are the only part to create the sound. Those who do not know anything about the strings and even the name of the strings will not be able to play guitar well.

I have learnt to play guitar for 3 years and my teacher always forces me to focus on the movement and the sound of each guitar string. Therefore, up to the present I can solve a lot of problems with the strings. In this article, I will provide you with more information about guitar string.

Types of  Guitar strings

There are several types of guitar strings and each type will be suitable for each group of guitar players. In this part, I will give you more details as bellows.

Metal strings or steel strings give sharp sound and the sound is very resonant. When we play the guitar with metal strings, the sound is great and the volume is increased. Playing guitar for chorus with metal strings will be very effective.

Nylon strings are very easy to recognize. These strings are white and much softer than metal strings. In addition, practicing with nylon strings is easier. Therefore, almost all the beginners prefer to play with these strings.

In addition to this, the nylon strings give the low sounds which arouse the love and emotion of the listeners very effectively. The guitar with nylon strings is suitable for playing sad songs and melodies.

Features of Guitar strings

When it comes to the features of guitar strings, there are three types of tensions, including low, normal and hard tensions.

The low tension indicates the low and resonant sound. These sounds belong to classic type. The hard tension has a lot of treble sound. The sound is sharp and clear. The last type is of the most popularity.

How to choose guitar strings

Beginners had better choose to buy low tension – strings. They can use these strings for 6 months or even one year. This is the most common type of beginners, especially students. The price is low and the quality is still good. When they are more skillful, they can buy more expensive strings of hard tension or normal tension.


Some beginners think that the guitar strings are all the same and they think replacing guitar strings more often will insure the quality of the sound. However, it is not true. When you replace the strings too often, you will feel strange when you play with new strings. When the guitar strings are still used and the sound is still good, we should not change them as we have to adjust the tuners and the bride too much. That will have a negative impact on the structure of the guitar. I hope that you will be able to choose good strings from the start so that you can have the best sound for long. 

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